Our Beers

A portfolio of permanent and seasonal fine cask ales for every occasion.

We have a range of permanent beers – Flack’s Double Drop, Hedge Hop and Flack Catcher.  These are complimented by specially developed, more seasonal ales – Black Jack Porter for dark winter nights, Wolfie-T which captures the spirit of October and Halloween, Flack Cracker which reflects the brightness and energy of the festive season, Romsey Gold which delivers all the warmth of summer, Union Flack our sporting ale and TPA – Head Brewer Terry’s special pale ale brewed for his own wedding and has proven the perfect wedding partner!  In addition to the bride of course.

Publicans – you can download a PDF of seasonal and permanent ales here >>Ale brands & tasting notes 2017

  • Gold

    The beer obtains its heart from the unique qualities of Maris Otter Barley and its soul from the subtle yet distinctive notes only found in hops grown in the United...
  • Black Jack Porter

    Smooth dark ruby coloured beer with rich aromas of toasted malt. An initial sweetness followed by a good lingering hop finish and hazelnut after notes.
  • Wolfie-T

    Rich chestnut brown with a glorious spicy aroma. Toasted malt flavours complemented by Challenger, Bramling Cross and Golding hops giving a deep warm rounded bitter...
  • Flack’s Double Drop

    A classic amber bitter with the full flavour of Maris Otter barley and the bitter citrus after notes of Sovereign hops.
  • Flack Catcher

    A clean distinctive rich golden ale with an initial sweetness smoothly spiced with a crisp bitter finish leading to an old fashioned zesty linger.
  • Hedge Hop

    The rich amber colour reveals a deep biscuity maltiness balanced with grapefruit and spicy lemon from Challenger, Pilot and English new world Cascade hops.
  • TPA

    Pale in colour and ample body balanced with the distinctive hop character of Goldings and Fuggles define TPA as a true India Pale Ale.
  • Union Flack

    A union of Maris Otter barley with Goldings Northdown Sovereign Fuggles and First Gold hops – Six of the finest converting to a deep well balanced golden brown...
  • Romsey Gold

    A crisp and refreshing pale golden ale with a soft mouth feel. Balanced by Fuggles and the summer aromas and flavours of Romsey Gold.