Union Flack

The name “Union Flack” is not only in reference to our national game or the Union Flag but also representative of the beer itself.

The brewers at Flack Manor were tasked with using ingredients that go together to form a Union that is recognisable within the finished beer.

Terry the Head Brewer tells more of the story of our great rugby ale in our blog, starting with the malt grist (as all good brewers do), then the hops and what makes them so special.


Beer Details:
Union Flack is a union of Maris Otter barley with Goldings Northdown Sovereign Fuggles and First Gold hops – six of the finest converting to a deep well balanced golden brown ale. Union Flack is available from late January to late March over the Six Nations period.  It is also brewed for the World Cup from early September until 31 October.

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Seasonal Beer

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