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Hiring Now!

Brewery Tour Guides and Events Staff! We’re hiring Brewery Tour Guides and Events staff now! If you’re looking for a flexible, ‘as and when’ needed work option, that is more a vocation than just a job, then Award Winning Flack...
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Hedge Hop Swoops SIBA Gold Award

Hedge Hop skillfully swoops the Society of Independent Brewer’s (SIBA) Gold Award in the Premium Bitters and Pale Ale’s category. The event was SIBA’s 10th South East Region Beer Competition 2016, held over 2 days at Tonbridge Juddians...
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Flack gains SIBA’s Food Safety Qualification

We’ve been awarded the Society of Independent Brewers’ (SIBA) Food Safety Qualification (FSQ) which may leave you wondering what exactly SIBA’s Food Safety Qualification (FSQ) means? It was created by SIBA to help differentiate between...
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Romsey Gold with Water Buffalo Burgers

Open Day at the Broughton Water Buffalo Farm If there are any marriages made in heaven it has to be Romsey Gold with Water Buffalo Burgers.  Broughton Water Buffalo opened their gates on a stormy looking Saturday – the 9th July.  The rain held...
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