Brewing Process

The Double Drop Process

Milling on site at Flack

Floor malted barley is fed into the Mill

Flack Manor’s brewing process

The malted barley is first milled on site and then fed into the mash tun.

The mash tun

The Mash Tun showing the Mill Head

Liquor (or water) is passed over and the resulting ‘sparge’ regulated.  Once the barley has delivered its goodness, the ‘wort’ is then fed into the copper.  Adding hops and taking samples are at this stage.


The Double Drop Process begins

The Round

The Round set high in the building, fermenting vessels to left

The wort from the copper is collected or “dropped” into a specially designed vessel called a “round” (a large shallow vessel that is positioned high in the roof space of the brewery) where the yeast is added or “pitched”. The yeast will start to react with the sugars contained in the wort and multiply. This first stage of the fermentation takes 12-16 hours and will form a foam on top we call “rocky heads”.

Rocky heads

Rocky Heads

Once the “rocky heads” have formed, the fermenting wort is “dropped” using gravity from the “round” into the fermenting vessel below, this will leave behind any dead yeast cells and other debris (gik) created during the brewing process. The fermentation continues for a few more days with the fresh and clean yeast created at the start of the brew.

Flack's Double Drop

A perfect pint of Flack’s Double Drop

Flack’s Double Drop bitter is produced by this method, the wort is “dropped” from the copper to the round and then “dropped” from the round into the fermenting vessel. We hope you will recognise the advantages of using this traditional method by sampling and enjoying the unique characteristics of Flack’s Double Drop.