Our Community

Romsey War Horse Ale1

Amy Goodman, sculptor, raises a glass with Nigel Welsh

We are passionate about community events and charities close to our hearts.

We are a relatively small company and we simply can’t do as much as we may want but here is an expanded version of the projects we are/have been involved in:

The Romsey War Horse Project

We just had to be involved in this.  Not only does it tie in with our own historical connections, it’s a beautiful, ‘local’ thing to do, a reflection on times gone by and the work involved in this phenomenal life size work of art is incredible.  See our post on our support for the Romsey War Horse Project and where you can make a donation

Romsey Rugby Football club at Flack Manor

Romsey RFC at Flack Manor

Romsey Rugby and Football Club

We’re proud to be shirt sponsors of our local teams at the Romsey Rugby and Football Club.  A team visits the brewery and can’t wait to get their hands on a cask and go for the close quarters pass up the gantry steps!

Cancer Research UK

This is close to our hearts and family and friends are taking time out to achieve simply amazing things.

The Old Crank Ride – our accountant and very good friend Chris Saltrick completed The Old Crank Ride of 940 miles John O Groats to Lands End on a Penny Farthing, along with Andrew McDonald.  Funds raised were in excess of £13,000 for this extraordinary feat.  Nearly three years on, we see the fruits of their labours – the new Francis Crick Institute based in London.

Smilers End to End – we’re also glad to support the ‘more regular’ bike riding challenges (in comparison with Old Cranks above!).  Our friends here raise money annually for the Bournemouth Heart Foundation and Children’s Charities through St James’s Place Foundation. Their most recent adventure was Castle to Castle (North to South Wales) over two days over some pretty incredible mountains.

We also like to support our local pubs and publicans with their charitable fund raising ideas.