Beer Sommelier Evening at Flack Manor

We were delighted and very honoured to have Annabel Smith, UK Beer Sommelier sharing her extensive knowledge with us and guiding us through perfect food/beer matches.

The evening began at 7.00pm in the Flak Shack with welcome glasses of Double Drop served in champagne flutes.  Trestle tables and chairs for 30 with tablecloths, napkins and sample glasses eagerly awaited in the fermenting room, where the evening began tasting and smelling the crystal malt, floor malted barley and hops (rubbing and smelling to release the flavour).

Beer Sommelier Annabel Smith

UK Beer Sommelier Annabel Smith

The order of service and food matches were:

Romsey Gold (4%) – Cask – matched with deliciously ripe Camembert

Flack Catcher (4.4%) – Cask – matched with Home Made Cheese Tart

TPA (5.3%) – Cask – matched with Spicy Chorizo, Parma Ham and Green Olives

Hedge Hop (4.9%) – Cask – matched with locally produced Lyburn Mature Cheese

Black Jack Porter (4.6%) – Bottle – matched with Milk Chocolate Salted Caramels

So much historical beer information was also imparted by Annabelle and the evening was thoroughly enjoyed.

Finally, it was time to leave and each replete guest left with a pack of Flack’s bottled ales, to awaiting taxis!

Flack's Beer Sommelier Evening

Age old tradition of raising your glass to an entity


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