Black Jack Porter Time of Year

A lovely cold snap heralds the return of Black Jack Porter, our hearty winter brew, dark ruby in colour and with rich aromas of toasted malt; it’s what dark nights are made for, a Porter which promises an initial sweetness followed by a good lingering hop finish and hazelnut after notes.

Black Jack Porter

Photo BJP at Ebeneezer’s, Hythe, courtesy of Martin Payne

Black Jack Porter has a firm following so fans should start to see the cask variety in pubs in our heartland area from early November.  There are also bottles and carry out’s to be had from the ‘Flak’ Shack brewery shop on the Romsey Industrial Estate where you’re welcome to sample a freshly brewed Black Jack Porter.  Our opening hours are 9.30 – 5.00pm Monday to Friday and 12 noon on Saturday.

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