Brewery Tours – 3rd Saturday Every Month

Due to the popularity of our Brewery Tours, we’ll now be running Brewery Tours on the 3rd Saturday of every month.  The tours will run from 12 noon until 2pm, offering great value at £8.50 per person, as it includes all tastings and a free Flack Manor Souvenir Glass to take away.

After a welcome drink in the ‘Flak’ Shack brewery shop and bar, the ingredients are explored by smelling and tasting in the hopper room.  You’ll then be taken on a tour of the brewing process from start to finish.  Feedback is always very positive from a brewery tour, where everyone will learn something and get to taste the beer and then taste and appreciate the very special ingredients in a Flack pint of ale.

Book your brewery tour now.  We are unable to accommodate young adults under 18 but we welcome group visits.  All brewery tours are pre-bookable.

Contact us to book.