Busy Brewing Ale for Christmas!

We’re Flack Cracker happy brewing flat out to meet orders for Christmas!  Liven up your Christmas festivities with our freshly brewed ale and introduce it to visiting friends!  You can see our extended hours detailed on our events page for those of you stuck in the office right up until Christmas Eve Day.  On Wednesday and Thursday we’re open at 8.00am, with 6.00pm closing until Christmas Eve, where we close at 1pm.

If you need last minute present ideas for surprise Christmas visitors or even planned ones, do visit the Flak Shack.  There’s our 4 pint stainless steel Flack Flask, Hedge Hop now in bottles (made with winning Maris Otter barley!) logo’d glasses and an assortment of Christmassy chutneys, mustards and jams, all made with Flack’s ale.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Flack's Flask - perfect Christmas gift

The 4-pint Flack Flask

Winning Maris Otter in Maxted Farms own label bottles

Hedge Hop now in bottles

Flack mustards and marmelades

Mustards, marmelades and more