Call for WW2 Flak Memorabilia

Flak Happy HarryNigel Welsh and the team at Flack Manor Brewery discovered much in the way of local history in the search for the perfect premises to brew their beer; so much so that the brewery is creating a series of short e-books on local brewing history through to the present day.

When a photograph (seen left) was dropped into Flack Manor, with Flak Happy Harry on the aircraft fuselage, the idea was borne to ask all local residents for any Stanbridge Earls/Roke Manor memories or memorabilia from the 1940’s through to the late 1950’s.  We would also like the person who owns the photograph to back in touch so that we can rightfully attribute the photograph.

Flack Manor’s brewery shop is already modelled on that era and is appropriately (and affectionately) called the Flak Shack.  Flack Manor would like to share your memories and memorabilia by using your treasured memories in their e-books.  A first e-book called ‘Life, the Universe and all things Brewing’  is on the competition blog

If you have a memory, photograph or item from that period, Flack Manor Brewery would be delighted to hear about it.  Please call 01794 518520 or email