Clocks turn back, enter…Black Jack Porter!

Flack’s Black Jack Porter is now in its 6th season and was the second brew, after Flack’s Double Drop, to be brewed by our brewery Flack Manor when we first began trading in 2010.

Why the name Black Jack Porter?    Well, Flack’s Double Drop was named after the traditional brewing process of double dropping and Black Jack was so named because it..erm…  rhymed with Flack.  As simple as that, plus, of course, it is dark ruby in colour.  Dark in colour but – styled to be a lighter Porter, so that it retains the full bodiedness of a Porter but has that defining Flack Manor ‘quaffable’ signature.

It is generally accepted that the term Porter originated around the start of the 18th century and was first brewed in London.  Our practice at Flack Manor is to therefore replicate water from London because we are traditionalists at heart and  we like to stay loyal to the cause.  Our Black Jack Porter has its own distinctive look, olfactory offerings and taste – a smooth dark ruby with rich aromas of toasted malt where one can enjoy the initial sweetness followed by a good lingering hop finish and hazelnut after note.

If that’s left you hankering for a sample after three seasons without, then call by at the brewery shop and quaff a free half pint of Black Jack on the house, on Friday 30th October.  Doors will be open between 11am and 6pm; it’s also a perfect opportunity to stock up on some take home ale too.