Drinking (moderately) with friends is good for you

So says the Science Editor in The Telegraph and we’re agreeing, as our 3rd Saturday of the month January Brewery Tour is FULL.  We’re now running TWO Brewery Tours on 17th February, shedding a little light on the rather bleak horizons of the first two months of the year.  Whether supporting your local pub or joining like-minded individuals on our Brewery Tour, enjoy your time with friends, as socialising ‘is not just for Christmas’.

The article cites a national survey by CAMRA which found that people who have a ‘local’ that they visit regularly tend to feel more socially engaged and contented, and are more likely to trust other members of their community. Those who regularly drank at a nearby pub had an average of nearly eight close friends, compared with six for non-drinkers.

While Flack’s brewery tours attract visitors from further afield as well as locally, the same benefit applies as you mix with individuals who share a common interest – beer and brewing.  So let’s carry on creating endorphins during January and February, come and join us or get down to your local pub!