Festive Food and Ale Ideas

Ann Stantiford has been pairing Flack’s ales with some festive foods and nibbles; try some of these ideas this Christmas!

Romsey Gold is a refreshing crisp pale golden ale. Chill a bottle or two in the fridge for at least an hour; a great accompaniment with salmon and cream cheese canape’s. Serve in a champagne flute!

Hedge Hop is a rich amber premium bottle beer with full flavours of malt and hints of fruit and spices. An ideal beer to offer as an alternative to wine with your hearty roast and all the trimmings!

When it comes to a lovely chocolate log, Christmas pudding or a mince pie, pour a little port into a tulip glass and fill up with Black Jack Porter Mmmm!

And in the evening, when the cheese board or nut bowl beckons, ease the top off a bottle of Flack’s Double Drop and enjoy the moment. Happy Christmas!