Flack Champions Winning Maris Otter

It was open doors at the Flak Shack brewery shop on Friday November 20th as we unveiled new Hedge Hop in bottles. Brewed with the recent National Barley Competition’s winning Maris Otter barley, it was also the perfect time to present the winner of the competition, Maxted Farms in Winning Maris Otter in Maxted Farms own label bottlesBerkshire, with their prize of 1000 Guineas and 500 bottles of Hedge Hop under Maxted Farms own label Ilsley Otter Ale.

The national competition was organised by Hampshire based Robin Appel grain merchants, who holds Maris Otter Plant Breeder’s Rights, to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Maris Otter Barley in the UK.

Nigel presents John Maxted with ale brewed with his winning Maris OtterIn attendance at the event and in order top to bottom right; Terry Baker, Head Brewer, Alex Graham of Farley Farm, Ash Mather representing the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA), Jeremy Hawkins and Francesca Parker Partridge of Robin Appel, Wendy Graham of Farley Farm,  Sez Maxted, Robin Appel, Jane Maxted, Nigel Welsh presenting John Maxted with his prize and Chris Garratt of Warminster Maltings.  The Grahams of Farley Farm are already contracted to be the new and very local supplier of Maris Otter barley to Flack Manor.  As the crop grows, we’ll be bringing you news of its progress.

Hedge Hop Ale in bottles, brewed with Maxted Farms champion Maris Otter barley, are now available at our Flak Shack brewery shop on Romsey Industrial Park.  A winning taste for Christmas and the New Year!