Flack Fest Update

Interest in our three Flack Fest events in support of Cask Ale Week has been running high for several weeks as we’ve paced the shows with our ‘Ask Us About Flack Fest’ T-shirts, put posters in pubs, flyers in papers and chatted about our events on social media.  Sadly, it has not resulted in enough actual ticket sales to call on our VIP speakers and our entertainment.  With just over a week to go, it is only fair to make the tough call and cancel the events.  This decision has not been taken lightly and we apologise for the disappointment.  All of those who purchased tickets have been personally contacted.

We feel that word of Flack Manor’s traditionally brewed, quality ales has spread further as a result of our publicity and raise a glass to any new drinkers we’ve converted along the way.  We run brewery tours with tastings on a very regular basis so if our Flack Fest dates didn’t suit, a brewery tour at your convenience is a great way to get a feel and taste for our brewery and ales.