Flack’s Charity Work

Flack supports Old Crank's ride

Old Crank’s Ride for Charity

At Flack Manor, we do take time from our busy brewing schedule to become involved in and support all sorts of charity events.  The first is a double whammy of cycling where both sets of fundraisers will meet and cross each other somewhere in the West Country.  Smilers’ End to End, which is raising money for the Bournemouth Heart Foundation and Children’s Charities through St James’s Place Foundation, will be leaving John O’ Groats on 9th May for their 14 day challenge.    They have already raised £3000 for their causes.  More bizarre and incredibly challenging is the ‘Old Cranks Ride Across Britain’ – Land’s End to John O’Groats on original penny farthings.   Cancer Research is close to Flack Manor’s heart and we’re supporting this very brave trip in every way.   All funds raised will go to the construction of the new Francis Crick Institute based in London and in support of personalised medicine.

For more on the happy crew and their challenge  Smiler’s End to End

For more on the crazy crew and their challenge Old Cranks Ride.  Ambitious ride, ambitious targets – help them get there. £6,150 raised so far, target £15,000.