Is Beer Healthy?

If you search the internet with that very question – Is Beer Healthy?  the answer is a resounding ‘yes’!  And the sources are numerous, from health blogs to medical papers.  Take a look at our brief overview and infographic below.

Heart Healthy

Beer being ‘Heart Healthy’ is just one health aspect.  And that’s down to the polyphenols, plant-based chemicals which, when brewing, come from grain and to a lesser extent hops.  Drinking a beer a day raises good cholesterol and has anti-blood clotting effects, which keeps blood vessels clean and healthy says one cardiologist, while the European Heart Journal gets to the heart of the matter.

Bone Healthy

Beer is ‘Bone Healthy‘, which is of great importance if you’re over a certain age, and if you’re a woman too,  it’s time to switch beverage if you don’t drink beer already.  Here’s why >> Being bone healthy is all down to the silicon content in beer which is at its richest in beers containing high levels of malted barley and hops.   You may ask which brew is acclaimed as having the most silicon?   Well, according to a 2010 University of California study, IPAs have the highest levels of the mineral.  Hello Flack IPA!

Kidney Healthy

Beer is Kidney Healthy, it is thought by simply containing more water content which avoids dehydration, a cause of kidney stones forming. Hops may also account for slowing the release of calcium from bones

Brain Friendly!

Beer is Brain Friendly.  Common sense comes to the fore here.  Clearly, several pints of beer will result in the antithesis of a sharp and agile brain but one or two drinks a day is considered to protect blood vessels in the brain.

Beer Makes Pan Fried Meat Safer!  Hot Tip!

Fairly recent press coverage spread alarm about, to name just a couple, eating burnt toast and cooking meat at high temperatures which create cancer-causing compounds known as heterocyclic amines (HCAs).

According to researchers from the Porto University in Portugal, marinating steak in your favourite brew could eliminate up to 88 percent of the carcinogens that form as a result of pan-frying meat.  It is thought that the sugars in beer help prevent HCA formation.  The report featured in the New Scientist, 2009, 5 January.

And here’s some more Good News for Real Ale Drinkers, which we gathered from  If you thought beer contained the most calories out of any alcoholic beverage – read on….

But please note:  any alcoholic beverage is calorific if drunk in large quantities
Is beer healthy