It’s Official – We have SALSA accreditation!

Flack Salsa accreditation

We’ve worked really hard to achieve Safe And Local Supplier Approval (SALSA) accreditation and now we have it!  We guessed you may have some questions about this, so we’ve provided some answers below:

Salsa accreditationQ, What does SALSA mean?
A, The scheme is specifically designed for small and micro producers looking to supply national buyers on a local or regional level.  It’s a recognised food and drink certification which demonstrates that recipients of it are producing products in a safe and legal manner.

Q, Why would a supplier spend the time and money for SALSA accreditation?
A, The decision to achieve SALSA accreditation was made by the directors and management at Flack Manor about two years ago.  However recent events within the food service industry have highlighted the need to ensure purchases are made from trusted suppliers. It was found that a retailer complied with the law but that was not enough to prevent the deaths of two people in separate incidents. These deaths were avoidable with adequate procedures and staff training over and above what the law requires.
As a trade purchaser, you are required to ensure foodstuffs are sourced from reputable suppliers and therefore safe to be sold to your customers. The SALSA accreditation takes the guesswork out of this process and eliminates your potential liability as a food service provider.

Q, Has the beer had to change to facilitate this accreditation?
A, An emphatic No!
At Flack Manor, we have always been fastidious about Food Quality and Safety. The hard work to achieve this accreditation has been to prove it. The raw materials and process have not changed. This accreditation shows that we can provide complete traceability from grain to glass on both raw materials and process and that no short-cuts are taken on either.

Q, Does this accreditation mean a price increase?
A, Another emphatic No!
We have never sold our beer cheap because the quality has always been high.  Since the beer, raw materials and process have not had to change, then neither does the price.
As always, price increases will be made when the need arises but there is no need in this instance.

Learn more on the SALSA website

SALSA certificate PDF download