Music & Flack’s Double Drop – Somborne Sessions

Music and Flack’s Double Drop – what a great combination!  If you love live music, check out these big names performing locally at Kings Somborne; organised by Somborne Sessions, now in their 5th season!  Visit their website to read more and check availability, as these events are popular:

Blackbeard with Double Drop being served

Blackbeard’s Tea Party on 31st October 2015

Gigspanner with Double Drop being served

Gigspanner on 28th November 2015

Jacqui-Dankworth Double Drop being served

Jaquie Dankworth on 23rd January 2016







All events are held in the Village Hall in Kings Somborne.  Further details and ticket availability can be found on the Somborne Sessions website or visit the Somborne Sessions Facebook page.