New Premium Craft Beer – Flack’s Gold!

Announcing Premium Craft Beer – Flack’s Gold!

Flack’s new premium craft beer has been a while in the research and development phase and we’re delighted with the result, feeling it will widen the spectrum of satisfied beer drinkers when served alongside products from our cask beer range.

Flack’s Gold is a permanent premium craft beer brewed at Flack Manor Brewery to the same standards as our award winning cask ales, using locally grown, floor malted Maris Otter Barley, English hops as well as English grown new world varieties Chinook and Cascade.

Gold lives up to its name with a distinctive golden sparkle.  The beer obtains its heart from the unique qualities of Maris Otter Barley and its soul from the subtle yet distinctive notes only found in hops grown in the United Kingdom.

Gold has been crafted to be served cold; it is crisp and refreshing whilst retaining body, character and most importantly drinkability!

A decision given due thought and consideration

Some of the processes required to produce and package certain types of beer were historically only affordable for major global beer producers. This and other contributing factors have meant that keg products have been produced to satisfy the mass market and perhaps lacked flavour, character and individuality. With the evolution and revolution of the UK craft beer market comes the development of process equipment targeted at brewers of smaller batches. The result of this is the emergence of some high-quality keg beers with distinctive flavours and aromas that appeal to a new breed of drinkers.

At Flack Manor Brewery we have been watching these developments with interest. Some time ago Jack and Terry were tasked with researching this emerging market. The result has been considerable investment in process equipment to enable us to produce a keg product of sufficient quality and character to bear the Flack Manor name.