TPA is an exciting yet traditional India Pale Ale from Flack Manor.
Locally Grown, Floor Malted Maris Otter Barley gives TPA a rounded malt character while flavour, aroma and bitterness come from the Noble Hop Varieties of Goldings and Fuggles. The combination of these quality English ingredients and traditional English brewing methods mark this beer as a classic.

The Brewers at Flack Manor have used a technique known as “first wort hopping” in TPA. This involves taking part of the late hop grist and adding it to the first runnings of wort from the mash tun. This allows time for the hops to steep in the strong heavy wort which will have the effect of changing the volatile hop compounds so that they do not evaporate during the boil. Taste tests on beer brewed using this technique have shown a well-rounded and complex hop character.

Beer Details:
Pale in colour and ample body balanced with the distinctive hop character of Goldings and Fuggles define TPA as a true India Pale Ale. TPA is available from the second week of March until the end of April/first week of May.

Distinctively hoppy




Seasonal Beer

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