Six Nations Round Three – Union Flack at the Ready

The sun is shining, it’s the end of the week, we have another batch of fresh Union Flack and a whole weekend of rugby as Round Three of Six Nations starts tonight.  Even if you’re not a huge rugby fan, take refuge from the Siberian weather front on its way, and tuck yourself into your local pub or club or call into the ‘Flak’ Shack brewery shop for a takeaway ale of your choice to enjoy at home.  Union Flack is not just for rugby but it is the perfect partner nonetheless!   See our ‘Flak’ Shack opening times.

Grab your pint and wave your flag – it’s ROUND THREE

France v Italy…. Orange Velodrome (Marseille)…. Friday, February 23…. 8pm GMT…. BBC 1

Ireland v Wales…. Aviva Stadium (Dublin)…. Saturday, February 24…. 2.15pm GMT…. ITV 1

Scotland v England…. Murrayfield (Edinburgh)…. Saturday, February 24…. 4.45pm GMT…. BBC 1

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